Fallen Branches

The First Dreaming

They’re an interesting mix they are. I watch them as they dream. Yes, each of them suffer the dream, even the elf and the kalashtar. The elf is an interesting one, she seems afraid someone is going to find out her secret, but it is written there for anyone to see, she wields her sword and the magic of the dragons, defending those who were threatened while protecting her. The kalashtar follows the Light Within, bearing it as holy power, but his mind seems elsewhere, like he has been staring into the sun a bit too long.

The others seem a bit more mundane, two house sycophants, a druid servant and a brute of the holy flame. Almost to a one, they dozed a bit during the lecture. Admittedly, if I could sleep, I’d probably have fallen to that boringness. The historian is long winded, but certainly knows his stuff. History from the time of the Xoriat invaders is much forgotten among the mortal races, I’m glad I’ll be able to send them more… interesting history lessons.

The historian sent them on boring errands, but there were some interesting twists. First they went to the house of travel and purchased some maps and passage on a train. The next part is the interesting one though. The gnome child was sent to the house of scribing to pick up a “campaign” book, and a portable sending stone. When she arrived, the house leader had her detained and confined to a room. Meanwhile down in the lower reaches of Sharn, the elf led the party to an alchemist store. Outside the store, a group of aberrant dragonmarked thugs, waiting to take the elf with them. After a short trouncing, the party traveled to the house of making, hiring a large construct worker and a squad of construct guards. Then they proceeded to check on the gnome.

Confronting the house leader, the group was forced out after receiving their supplies. The shifter, more stubborn than the others, was booted into the back alley of the house. Here he heard the gnomes shouts to be let free, scaled the wall and freed her from the confines of the the house. Making a hasty get away the group moved on to their last task, hiring out carriages and contacts in the Eldeen reaches from the house of breeding.

After the group gathered their things, they each went their separate way, taking up lodging on their own. It was only a matter of time until I could summon them all to the dream. From there I formed them into the shapes of ancient heroes, and showed them the Battle of the Black Glass. The dream began with hordes of minions of the shaper. Then an elite approached with more minions. The elite rode a volcanic meteor guided toward the door of the tower, attempting to break down the door. The parties defeated the first few waves, but the meteor eventually made its impact, destroying the door.

They shall see more of the dream when next my strength returns. And perhaps I shall learn the names of these hosts, they are beginning to grow on me.


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