• Broken Toe

    Broken Toe

    Broken Toe: Male razorclaw shifter. Blue Eyes with Brown hair. Toned musculature built more for speed than mass. Prominant canines gives an almost lupine visage.
  • Nim


    A Driven Foe of the Dark Powers, Nim is Imbued by the Binding Flame to Destroy Evil's Minions.
  • Peppermottin Jennott Jacklin Perwiss

    Peppermottin Jennott Jacklin Perwiss

    Pepperjack is a scribe, courier and a notary for House Sivis -- although she is not shy about taking jobs from other groups.
  • Brutus


    This warforged titan has been altered to act as an excavator for hire; one arm with a shovel the other a pick.
  • Heigall Dorneer

    Heigall Dorneer

    Heigall Dorneer
  • Incision


    Leader of the the Cannaith assigned bodyguards for the Warforged Excavator Brutus.
  • King Kaius III

    King Kaius III

    Monarch ruler of Karrnath
  • Lord of Blades

    Lord of Blades

    Rumored leader of a militant faction of warforged.
  • Manrick Sivis

    Manrick Sivis

    Leader of the Sharn branch of House Sivis.
  • Oalian


    Ancient awakened oak tree, guides the druids of the Eldeen Reaches
  • Professor Silas Uthbridge

    Professor Silas Uthbridge

    Professor of Pre-Dhakaani History from Morgrave University in Sharn